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The Entrepreneur Coaching Group:
The Key to unlocking
entrepreneurial success!

Become an optimal performing entrepreneur

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The Entrepreneur Coaching Group is the key to unlocking your entrepreneurial potential and becoming an optimal performing entrepreneur!

Joining The Entrepreneur Coaching Group means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and resources, as well as a supportive community of like-minded high achievers. You'll gain the tools and resources that you need to achieve your biggest dreams and goals.

Each month you can join a live masterclass,
group masterminds and hot seats And more...

your mindset has a major impact on your success in life and as an entrepreneur. 
In The Entrepreneur Coaching group you'll have an opportunity for a professional mindset assessment to identify your current success mindsets, and then you'll be given the tools to strengthen your success mindsets!

as entrepreneurs, what we are doing is IMPORTANT!
Join our amazing network so we can do it TOGETHER!
With us, YOU WILL will reach your goals...
you will change the world!

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When you join today get your first month for only $19.97

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What Others Are Saying About Working With Jeff...

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"Jeff made me think about my business' in a whole different light! I've been building for 5 years and never thought of my business the way he presented it."
Jocelyn M. (Entrepreneur)

Sheldon McLachlan Entrepreneur.png

“Great investment of my personal time. Jeff was able to deliver a thought provoking, systematic approach to recognizing and understanding what makes me tick and how to improve. Application of this in the mastermind group setting offered greater insights and perspectives to my personal and business challenges. Worthwhile on many levels!”
Sheldon M. (Entrepreneur)


“One of the most underrated factors of success is knowing how & where to find help. True & lasting success can only happen when you have people helping you along the way… This is why finding the right mentor, community, and team is so vital. I found all three in Jeff”
Elizabeth B. (Entrepreneur)

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“Time well spent. If you’re stuck in your life or business, Jeff will teach and guide you through the skills necessary to break through those barriers and carry you to the next level.”
Alan W. (Sales Manager)

- Amazing Opportunity -
Get Your First Month of The Entrepreneur Coaching Group For ONLY $19.97 and Then Only $49/Month After That!
($97/Month Value)

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Become An Optimal Performing Entrepreneur

By joining The Entrepreneur Coaching Group you are committing to your success in your business and your life. This is a group of High Achieving Entrepreneurs who are creating successful lives, not just businesses. 

True Success is found by creating success in: Business, Relationships, Finance, Health, Spirituality, and Personal Development.

You'll build a Successful Business. You'll create More Leads, increase your Conversions, and generate More Profits without spending an extra dime on marketing or advertising. 

You'll develop a Powerful, Success Mindset while creating SUCCESS in all the other areas of your life as well!


* Each month you'll have a new Business Masterclass within the group.
* Each month you'll have a new Personal Development Masterclass within the group
* Each month you'll have a new Hot Seat/Mastermind within the group
* You'll have a growing resource library of training and materials focused on helping you grow your business and becoming an Optimal Performing Entrepreneur
* Community to network and grow with other like-minded, high achiever, entrepreneurs!

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"More motivated than ever..."

“After completed Jeff Heggie’s Marketing Accelerated course, I feel more motivated than ever to take my marketing skills to the next level. The course gave me a completely different perspective on where to focus my energy when gaining traffic and generating leads. Jeff broke things down into a simplified, step by step process that was easy to follow. The material was full of useful information and is truly relatable to any size company wanting to dive further into the marketing world. Although I don’t know Jeff personally, I feel like he genuinely cares about the success of my business. Taking this course was time well spent, and I would encourage anyone to follow Jeff’s coaching material!”
S. Nelson - Office Manager

"Incredible educator..."

“Jeff is an incredible educator. He has a personal touch as he speaks to you through his videos as if you are sitting right in front of him. He’s very knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches and coaches on. Jeff is as genuine in front of the camera in this course as he is in real life. You can truly feel that Jeff has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs light and stoke the fires inside of them. If you want real-talk, take the Marketing Accelerated course. You’ll have plenty to work on and implement to increase traffic and sales. The beauty, it can truly be applied to every kind of business. Well worth the price of the course! And for extra bursts of energy, follow Jeff on Instagram. His content is gold! Thanks Jeff for working with and supporting Priority Pumping, Junk-Rite and our team.”
T. Wilson - Entrepreneur

"Implement a growth mindset..."

“I have been thinking for quite some days about how to explain in words the impact of this course in all areas of my life. This course had a plethora of examples of how one can implement a growth mindset in his or her professional and personal life. You just have to believe in yourself and have the right attitude towards the challenges in life. Also, the best part about this course was the mental health awareness in which Tia shared her story and emphasized that it is okay to get help when you feel stuck and depressed. After doing this course, I am more confident, decisive and mindful about how to spend my time and energy on the things that matter. Thank you for creating and sharing this course.”
M. Irshad - Entrepreneur


I want to do whatever it Takes to

Push you over the edge and sign up today!

Listen, I know this can transform your business and life. That's why I'm not holding back and I'm throwing in even MORE... completely FREE! You are free to cancel your membership at any time, but I'm confident that once you join this community of high achievers and experience the value of your membership, you'll be with us forever.

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accomplish more in the next 30 days than you have the past 6 months...

Create and Sustain Consistent Momentum In Your Life and Business That Will Ensure You Hit Your Goals!

As a BONUS FREE GIFT, You Will Join Our Incredible accountability calls for a month!

Is This What You Need? This Is For You If:

  • ​You are serious about your goals
  • ​You are tired of drifting and you're ready to be driven
  • ​You're willing to receive and give support to other HIGH ACHIEVERS who are changing the world
  • ​You are ready for a Transformation
  • ​You want to connect with a community of High Achievers
  • ​You are doing something IMPORTANT!
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BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... When you sign up today you will also get:

Free Gift #2 ($49 Value)

"$10k Business Breakthroughs"

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45 Minute Business Breakthroughs

How To Find At Least $10K In Any Business... Without Spending An Extra Dime On Marketing Or Advertising.

8 Simple Strategies that are Proven Revenue-Generators For Any Small Business.

Free Gift #3 ($297 Value)

"Fear to Fuel Training + E-Book"


Fear to Fuel e-Book: 18 Proven Strategies To Turn Your Fear Into POWER from the 18 Authors Who Presented at the "Turn Your Fear Into Fuel Summit."

Plus, Jeff's "Turn Your Fear Into Fuel Summit" presentation, "How to Create Powerful Self-Talk."

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This is an introductory offer and will only be available for a LIMITED TIME!

After giving The Entrepreneur Coaching Group a Trial for One Month, you will begin your regular subscription, which is regularly$97/month.

When you join today, you get your first month for Only $19.97 and after that
 your membership will Only Be $49/Month... FOR LIFE!

When you join today, your regular subscription will only be $49/month and as long as this subscription stays active, that price will never go up!

NOTE: This offer can end at any time and without notice.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

All you have to do is say, "Yes, let me Try-Out The Entrepreneur Coaching Group" 

When You Say "Yes" Today, You Can Have ALL Of This...

  • ​The Entrepreneur Coaching Group...............................................................................($97 Value)
  • ​​Jumpstart Accountability Calls​...................................................................................($147 Value)
  • ​​$10K Business Breakthroughs......................................................................................($49 Value)
  • ​​Fear to Fuel e-Book + Summit Training......................................................................($297 Value)

  • ​The Entrepreneur Coaching Group...........................($97 Value)
  • ​​Jumpstart Accountability Calls​................................​...($147 Value)
  • ​​$10K Business Breakthroughs​......................................($49 Value)
  • ​​Fear to Fuel e-Book + Summit Training............​..........($297 Value)

Total Value: $590
For ONLY $19.97


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Does The Trial Work?

A: When you register for The Entrepreneur Coaching Group today, you'll pay $19.97 for your first month. After the first month the regular membership price is $97/month, but you will only pay $49/month and this price will never go up as long as you keep this membership active.

Q: What if I don't wish to continue my monthly subscription to The Entrepreneur Coaching Group?

A: You can cancel your subscription at any time before your next billing date by going to your account settings in the membership area. Otherwise, you will continue to be billed monthly as a member of the group. If you do wish to cancel, it is your responsibility to cancel before the next billing cycle, refunds will not be granted. If you need assistance, email


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